Energy Readings

Vibrational Energy Readings and Healings (Humans & Pets) – can be done distantly or in person

My vibrational readings of the body can be very detailed, going through each organ and energy channel or meridian  in your body provides a wealth of information.  As your personal vibrational consultant I can explain your blockages and help balance the energy channels by removing them  for better health which can support you in moving forward with your purpose and journey.     Physics explains everything is made up of energy and has its own vibration – allow me a Vibrational Guide to support you through your energy matrix and guide you on your journey to better balance your health and support you.   I will tune into your bodies Wisdom!  If you have been feeling stuck, feeling anxious, feeling sad your bodies wisdom will direct me and the balancing of your energy channels and release of your blockages can have a profound effect on your life.