Health Benefits

Every living thing is made up of energy.  There is only light and heavy energy and all energy can be transformed.  Illness is the result of unbalanced energy whether it is mental illness or physical Illness.     

Is your energy flowing smoothly or are you carrying blockages and core beliefs that are no longer serving you.  If you would like  to feel balanced and energized then these modalities of healing  are for you.  Learn the power to go within and make changes to your energy patterns, through guided meditation, crystal singing bowls and Qi Gong.  Each one of us is a healer, start filling your tool box with new tools that will serve your mind, body, and soul. Begin your journey of becoming the vibrant soul you were meant to be!  Why not find out your personal energy signature and begin your healing journey.  You will feel lighter, less anxiety and your awareness and senses will grow with each session.